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Summer school proves success across Denbighshire and Wrexham

A BLIND teenage singer spoke movingly about her love of music when she attended an adventure-filled free summer school.

Isabelle Harrison, 15, from Llandegla, was among the hundreds of youngsters who took part in the School’s Out! courses organised by the North Wales Music Cooperative

It proved such a massive hit that the cooperative’s website crashed within 24 hours of the places being advertised.

The group is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation providing quality music tuition with two sister cooperatives in Denbighshire and Wrexham.

Isabelle, known as Izzy by her friends, was determined to get the most from her week which combined her two greatest passions – music and having fun with her friends.

She did not let her blindness hold her back from doing everything from star-jumps and press ups to playing rounders and learning to samba.

It was also an opportunity to celebrate achieving a merit award in her latest singing examination with Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music which she prepared for with the help of her Denbighshire Music Cooperative tutor Ann Davies.

Izzy said: “I feel so lucky that I get to take part in the summer school. It’s been fantastic fun. Everyone is brilliant, so friendly and helpful.

“Over the past year or so it’s been really hard having to do everything online, not being in class with other pupils and having to stay at home so much.

“I’ve got four younger brothers and it’s been one great big challenge with us all having to learn at home, learning on different levels. We drive each other nuts.

“But my music has helped keep me sane. I love singing and sing all around the house.

“I’m a social type of person and like to get out and do things. That’s why when this summer school came along I thought to myself ‘I’ve got to do that.’

“It’s been great to finally get out and burn off some energy. I’ve loved learning samba and everyone has been great helping me get about, especially with the outdoor exercises and the obstacle course.”