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CXF Wellbeing

£67 PM

Body Conditioning Classes

£67pm or £670 annual

Classes each weekday 0915-1000hrs!! IDEAL FOR STRAIGHT AFTER THE SCHOOL RUN!!

  • Mon (am) 09:15-10:00
  • Tues (am) 09:15-10:00
  • Wed (am) 09:15-10:00
  • Thurs (am) 09:15-10:00
  • Fri (am) 09:15-10:00hrs

: A fast paced 45 minutes session of full body conditioning using functional equipment and body weight exercises. Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels.

All memberships have a minimum term of 3 months. They then automatically convert to a rolling monthly contract which can be cancelled at any time.

Blocks of 10 credits for sessions are no longer available. Only single credits for Bootcamps and Body-Con will be available. Any existing credits that have been purchased for Pump House Classes will be valid until used or expired. Any recent purchases of annual Gym or Gym & Bootcamp memberships can be adjusted pro-rata at the Gym if you wish to add Body Conditioning.

Yoga with Liv on a Tuesday is not included in any CXF Wellbeing membership plans. These will be booked and paid for directly through Liv. Any existing credits for Yoga are valid until used or expire.

Blue Light/NHS/Student/Military discount applies only to monthly memberships paid by Direct Debit. It does not apply to annual or PAYG.Let us know if you have any questions

CXF Wellbeing Team

Our classes are really popular so you'll need to book early to secure a place.

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